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Never fuck with a Psych prof. 5 years ago
Cuz they know how to get your girl to spread wide and take every drop! Evil fuckin genius!
LOL at Bobby 3 years ago
how must Bobby feel knowing his arch enemy at school fucked his girlfriend hard (which she enjoyed) and then her pussy was dripping with his cum, which went on to fertilize her eggs, meaning he's got to look after Prof Pierce's child for the next 18 years, and if he squares up to him then he'll just get the shit beaten out of him. Prof Pierce certainly did the right thing
Very Stupid.... 3 years ago
That was fucking raw as hell.That what you get when a prick and whore together and bad things gonna happen and remember that punch line I will do anything for my boyfriend.Girls her age are always in even these times looking for a support system to lean on sorry bro you're it and hope your future wife will never know why are you're always broke......
mxm 6 years ago
hated it
Mmm 5 years ago
The teacher is hot but has a little dick
2 months ago
Why does he look like Jeffrey Bezos?
Dres 3 years ago
Zidane :v