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2 years ago
Whats the 2nd girls name??
Someone 2 years ago
Why does she look like every "before" picture in one?
Haha 2 years ago
I think u no who it is pal ha I want to fuck u so much
Haha 2 years ago
U no am not we do it tonight then
Darr 2 weeks ago
Ophelia Barrett, (aka) Jezebelle Banks, Emily Hamilton , you are a very beautiful woman.
Thick, big tits, nice thick ass, gorgeous face , and totally stunning and amazing hair.
I love your accent , you are the total package baby
Cleopatra 7 months ago
I want to lick your tits so bad
Blonde’s 1 year ago
Tit sare too small. Wanted to see the other girl get hers out.