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Sexy girl 2 years ago
My step dad caught me using mom's cash and was going to tell her. I told him I would do anything he wanted, so he said fuck me. I stripped off and played with his cock then he rammed it into my cunt. He fucked me hard till I squirted then he was going to cum Yes I screamed he filled my cunt with hot cum. We fucked again before mom got home. That night he came to my bed and cum filled my cunt again. I'm now his daily cum dump.
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If she was my stepdaughter. And every time she wanted to use the car. She would have to let me fuck and creampie deep inside of her anytime she wants to use the car. I would love to get her pregnant with my baby or babies. She would look beautiful being pregnant with my baby. I love small chicks like her that size too fuck.
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Id love to get so skinny flat chested slut like her pregnant. You can take the car after you hold your legs up for 15 mins with my cum inside you
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My stepdaughter rides me 2ce a wk
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Even when he cums, keep bouncing. Ride that dick hard and feel all that hot cum inside.
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Who Wants to be my step-daughter that I can play like that with?
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ok, let me go buy a car for you to borrow, on time payments.
April 1 year ago
My story started a couple nights after I saw my dad with one of my classmates. It was a stormy I ran into his room told him I was scared and asked if I could lay with him. He patted the bed, I got under the covers he was nude I snuggled into him I could feel his cock touching my little ass checks.